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Recommended Services and Support

Whilst there are some very good “befriender” or “help at home” services and many “Local Peer Support Groups” not all have the necessary Safeguarding Checks or Policies in place to ensure you and your child are protected and safe.

We have adopted a “Due Diligence Framework” for assessing and evaluating all those who we recommend to you so that you can be assured that:

  • Governance and Stability – basis and core standards of safeguarding, child protection and financial stability are in place.
  • Evaluated Services – that the services have been evaluated as having a social benefit.
  • Service Quality – that processes and standards are in place that shows service user needs are met.

We have adopted a basis Red, Amber, Green ranking of against each of the three criteria and we are happy to provide details upon request.

The following service have been rated and recommended:

Gateway to services and support

Here you will find access to tools and information for a range of support services

Social Care Services

Peer support and sharing common experiences has been proven to alleviate the symptoms of postnatal depression. Read more here.

Counselling Services

Check our database of private counsellors who have the appropriate training and experience to offer you help either online or face-to-face.

Clinical Services

Health professionals such as GPs, Midwives or Health Visitors as as well as specialist mental health and perinatal mental health services.

Screening and Assessment

Online screening tools to help you to explore your feelings and consider whether you need to seek additional help and support.

Have Some Fun - Wellbeing and Memory Games

Online brain games to exercise your brain skills including: memory, concentration, problem solving, thinking speed and mental flexibility.

Recommended Services

Our list of assessed and evaluated services which we recommend for you.

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